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A list of projects underway/that I need to go back to, for the [community profile] onedeadplotbunny community


Caitlin/Niamh lesbian urban fantasy spy epic (untitled)
Mythic fantasy (untitled)
Mabinogion myth in modern day
Edit untitled short story
Finish the poems in my draft document


Chapter 2 of Aerin/Morwen, Bend, Don't Break
Ficlet 3 of Sigrid series
Continue LotR femslash historian fic
Eowyn/Haleth timetravel fic
LONG Sigrid fic
Tauriel/OFC (Faeleth) series *currently h/c fic
FemWolverine/Rogue fic
FemDoctor/Rose fic


Trope Bingo
Ladies Bingo
Femtrope Bingo
The Hobbit Story 2.0 Big Bang (Sigrid fic? Tauriel fic?)
Femslash Big Bang (15,000 - Eowyn/Haleth fic?)
Femslash Exchange - 2 prompts?

(Additional note to self: DISSERTATION!!!!)
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Annnnd here's my Trope Bingo card. Ahhhhh, so many things to do!!! House to myself again so am going to write fic for a couple of hours, then dissertation once people are back so I look productive. Yeah.
(Note to self: 500 words min fic, finish by April 30th + amnesty).

game night accidental marriage food porn au: were/vamp/supernatural sex pollen
mistletoe kiss day at the beach forced to marry snowed in au: all-human
in vino veritas/drunkfic genderswap WILD CARD curtainfic fake relationship
bodyswap au: coffee shop fuck or die soul bonding/soulmates mind control
secret twin/doppelganger road trip immortality/reincarnation handcuffed/bound together time travel
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My table for the Ladies Bingo! Because you can never take on too many things ... (Note to self: fics 500 words min, 31st March + Amnesty).

Woke up in Bed Together A Murder to Solve Ghosts and Hauntings Virtual Reality Pack
Hopelessly Devoted Sleeplessness / insomnia Life Exhaustion Coming of age
Fate Werewolves Wild Card Steel Biography / Autobiography
Amnesia Love without Hope Compare and Contrast Abduction as Seduction Knitting and Sewing
Dusk Zombies Late at Night Abduction and kidnapping Shopping Together
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So I'm overcoming the dreaded First Post Syndrome, which I suffer from terribly! Introductions: I'm Ellen or El, and spent my five years in Comprehensive nicknamed 'Evil Ellen' by my history teacher. I don't know why either. I'm mostly based in the Tolkien fandom, but I make brief forays elsewhere, usually following the femslash or if I happen to have seen or read something new and shiny recently. My first and longest love is Tolkien, though - Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion.

Mostly I'm a writer, though you might occasionally be unfortunate enough to see some of my fanart. I do meta too, but at the moment that analytical side of my brain is mostly taken up working on my Master's diss (plus I worry that I'll end up writing meta when it should actually be IN my dissertation - the problems of being in the fandom of a work you're studying academically). I'm pretty sporadic in terms of activity - I'll be very active for a few weeks/months, then disappear for a while, then reappear. Mostly it's tied in with 'how much can I procrastinate before I need to do actual work?'

I love femslash, stuff that focuses on women, anything like that, but I've also got lots of slash and het ships and read/write genfic too. Anyway, going to stop rambling, but hello, new blog/journal/thing!


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